James Lieutenant and Kate Vassallo are a Sydney based collaborative artist duo. Kate Vassallo works with live performance, video, drawing and installation. Her artworks play with repetition, colour spectrums and Post-Minimal visuals. James Lieutenant works predominantly with image through painting and screen-printing. He devises intricate making systems to create layered, disorientating and ambiguous artworks.

They have worked together since 2012, creating large-scale wall paintings. These abstract paintings are site-responsive, visual investigations into the architectural spaces that house them. The pair engages the visual history of wall painting in art, while planting it firmly in a contemporary context. By working together, they attempt to erase traces of the ‘artist’s hand’, making work neither would attempt individually. Optics, chaos, illusion, graphics, design, abstraction, process, pattern-making, chance, failure and temporality come together in the making and viewing of their work. 


Kate Vassallo Born in Canberra (1989), lives and works in Sydney


Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), First Class with University Medal, Australian National University (ANU) School of Art

James Lieutenant Born in Canberra (1986), lives and works in Sydney


Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), ANU School of Art

James Lieutenant and Kate Vassallo Collaborative Artist CV


Counter Compositions, Artbank Gallery, Sydney, NSW


Mistints #3 (Canberra), Canberra Museum and Gallery, Canberra, ACT

Mistints #2 (Melbourne), Bus Projects, Melbourne, VIC

Mistints #1 (Sydney), Archive_ Space, Sydney, NSW


This is Graphics, CCAS, Canberra, ACT

Media and Publications

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BMA Magazine, Graphic Content, Chloe Mandryk, June 4th 2013 LINK


Ovolo Hotel Woolloomooloo, Ovolo Group


Artbank, Ovolo Group (Hong Kong and Australia), The Harris and Hobbs Collection (ACT) and private collections throughout Australia